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Don't Be the Laughing Stock... Inventory Management is Easier Than You Think! Don't Miss Our Hey Docs! interview featuring Mari Sawtelle with Mari's List.

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During this episode of Hey Docs! Jill Allen and Mari Sawtelle the owner of Mari's list will focus on buyers groups vs. big business sales and the details that every young doctor needs to know about ordering from small to large orthodontic practices.

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hello everybody jill allen here from jill allen and associates and i am so


excited to have mary sotel the founder and president of mary's list here on my


third episode of hey docs today we are going to be talking about how you


do not need to be the laughing stock of inventory management and i just want you to know it is definitely easier than you


think i am so excited to introduce to you my good friend mary satell the owner


of mary's list over mary's 30-year career as an award-winning sales rep and trainer for


four of the largest orthodontic companies mary became a master of organization and inventory systems and


learned the ins and outs of manufacturers and distributors she was


recruited by a 12 doctor multi-practice group to serve as director of business


development and purchasing where she saved the company over one million dollars in their first year mary


wanted every orthodontist to be able to benefit in the same way so she took her


orthodontic experience and ordering experience and founded mary's list


mary's list is now the largest orthodontic buying group in the country focused on helping doctors save both


money and time through effective inventory management welcome mary


hi jill thank you for having me you are welcome i am so excited that we


are getting to do this and we're gonna you know we're just gonna have a little chit chat here um one of the things that


i really want to dive into it's great to kind of hear um you know the intro component but i really want you to tell


me a little bit more in your own words like how did you get to where we're at today and how did you know that our


industry needed something like this um i think


the offices that i walked into i saw that there was a need and when i


got recruited to actually be in an office and i was opening offices and i saw how many hats the doctors wore


and the systems that you know we had yeah i realized that


orthodontists tend to focus on the big items and try to save on those and


delegate the rest and because orthodontists see patients for a year and a half to two years it's


a lot of visits with a lot of staff and so the multi-uh practice especially


is going to go through a lot of consumables right and if you're overpaying it it really really adds up


we ran quickbooks on everything yeah and i very quickly saw you know just shaving a dollar off of


something you use a lot or five dollars the magnitude of how big it was


um so from there we we started the consulting company in 2012 and we spent two and a half years we


analyzed 45 practices wow learned a lot and i believe helped them a lot and from


there i felt you know we could take it a step further and so we launched the study club and buying group at the ao in


may of 2015. wow how exciting and this is you know this is what and why i


wanted to start hay docs because i feel like there's so many people in our industry that really do have this why


like how you know how did you get here and what did you see that our industry needed um you know in and and i think


that this is this you know mary's uh list is you know something that i work with all the time with my


clients and i you know i just feel like it's such a such a a huge asset and you know it's


hard to believe that we didn't have we didn't have a mary's list you know you know 20 years ago um you know in our


industry or even 15 years ago so that's that's that's super exciting so i'm gonna today we're going to kind of


break this down because a lot of my audience is you know younger doctors doctors that have done acquisitions


doctors that are thinking of doing startups and i really want to just kind of talk about two groups today


acquisitions um doctors that have you know went in and you know done done an acquisition and then doctors who are


doing startups and if you don't mind i want to start with acquisitions i know that some of the things you're going to


talk about will a hundred percent apply to existing practices as well um


but i know that oftentimes practices can really get wrapped up in the ordering right um and as as you were saying you


know a lot of times our doctor doctors focus on the big things um and they're like oh you can handle these little


things but we know that you know they they all come together and a lot of times it's kind of that last can that


gets kicked down the road because really nobody's got time um you know to be doing ordering but everybody's really


concerned about it when we've run out of the things that we need so um when you think and when you were kind of


going through this and if you were to have some really good advice and again we're going to start with acquisitions


here um can you tell me a little bit about um


do you think that you know if somebody's really thinking about ordering you know what what i tend to think is a lot of


times it has to do with they probably don't have systems in place and so can


you kind of tell me a little bit about what does that mean and you know how do you get a system in place before you


just go in and grab all the books and start ordering or you know start start surfing through


everything like like what do you need to do to set yourself up for success and i


think especially i'm going to pull this back to you know an acquisition let's just say you're a new doc that's maybe


purchased to practice um you know come in and you have in your mind what you think you want you're


trying to evaluate what they have maybe you've got a team member that can help you maybe you don't so i'm gonna i'm


gonna let you uh get give me some good good little pearls here for for everyone listening okay


um i and we do have a lot of members that have just recently bought a practice and a lot of


startups um and and what i think the doctors need to to realize and do


from the very beginning is pick a person in the office


give them enough time and you want to find the right person somebody that's highly organized has


good computer skills wants to do the job is interested in saving the practice money and creating


good systems what we did when we first walked into the practices the first thing we looked


at was storage and most of the offices that we walked into that were acquisitions


had things stuck away in drawers and cabinets and lab and


whatever you know grandma's attic right exactly or orthodontic hallway door number one


you gotta make room and so i i mean one of the practices that i was in it was a big three doctor practice


and the person doing the ordering she was great she was a wonderful assistant


she just didn't have time to do the job literally and they had a lot of satellites


so when i went in there and i had my team with me and we looked at their storage one entire wall they had a big


storeroom but one entire wall was completely filled up with files


and i knew the practice was paperless and so i went to the office manager and i said


you know how often do you go to these files and she said never and i was like okay i said do you have


storage units and she kind of laughed and she said yeah we have three so i said okay i said we're gonna make


some room because you know they would get things in and they'd still be in the boxes and they didn't realize they needed


something or if they were out of something because they hadn't even taken out of the boxes so we spent literally a


day taking the files to the storage and then we also got on the floor and in the


storage and we looked at everything that they had and anything that was expired we had the


toss because they weren't rotating the inventory unfortunately so that's why it's really important and


we also you know looked at the the areas around the chairs we call


that on deck as far as what we could store in those areas and there was stuff in there we threw


away i mean we had a big garbage can that we actually threw away and this one practice because their system was not


what it needed to be they were uh in a program where they bought brackets and they got free


product and we actually audited all the invoices because what they were doing is they


would put in an order for one or two items just you know one spool of chain or two


boxes of elastics and sometimes the shipping was more than the product oh gosh


we actually added it up and in one year at this one company the shipping was over four thousand dollars oh my


goodness and when you're looking for those pennies on that p l statement and where you can save i mean that's easy


that's low hanging fruit right there exactly and so you know i think that if you start there


as far as clearing out making room you know getting a good ordering person


you know from there you want to create a good list um you need to have if it's an


acquisition somebody that's interested in taking the reins and opened a change so that they're not just


going to go down the same path that they've been going down um you know and then start


utilizing the reps of the companies that will help you cross-reference things and so you can find opportunities to save


that way um but that's kind of a starting point is you know to getting organized


most offices that i was in actually had a good amount of storage um some of them just weren't using it


well they just didn't they just didn't recognize it because they were using it for other things so


if i kind of hear what you're saying first you know take inventory of everything so if you're a new dock


you've done an acquisition come in there maybe dedicated data just going through


everything that you can find so from the back storage area to the drawers to


what's up on the top shelf in the lab like go through it all you know kind of get an


understanding of all of the product get rid of anything that's old because you just can't use it get get rid of it and


then make sure that you've got room and i would assume like what you're talking about is like something where you can


visually as a team see when you're going to need product is that is that kind of what what the


reasoning is behind what you know why we need to make make room for storage and we don't just have things you know


tucked away in the back closet and then under the chair number one and you know in the bottom drawer at the front desk


you know i've seen it all i'm sure you have too oh yeah well you know if you have a good system


then and if you're changing things over once you do then it's just reordering and it's really not hard at all


it's a little work in the beginning but once you get it dialed in then it's it's really simple yeah


so i know i get asked this a lot but you know a lot of times my docs are like hey


jill you know like how much should i order how much should i have on hand and i you know i know i


kind of have an answer but you're our expert here so what do you advise what do you what do you advise you know our


our docs you know what's what's too much what's too little well too much is


having more product that you would use before it expires obviously


you know when you think about retail stores people that have retail stores go to


market twice a year that's it they order everything and then it's shipped to them you know


they say how they want it delivered and i'm sure sometimes they have to adjust it but they don't order constantly


and if a practice is doesn't have a good system in place and it's not just


putting the orders in or having ordering software or templates or what have you it's actually having yours your floor


organized and you're on deck and your storage um if if you don't have that organized


that's where it's going to throw you off and you'll run out of things and so the


practice where i was we had eight offices and we had a great system that we


established and what we did is on friday afternoon we didn't see


patients every uh chair patient chair in the office had a dedicated team member so before they


left for the lunch hour and headed out on friday everybody was required to stock their chairs i love this this is


such a great pearl i stock it from the on deck yes and then from the on deck


you stock storage to on deck and you take it from the front of your storage and then move it forward so when new


product comes in you put it in the back of storage that way when i was talking about rotating you never run out yes we


try to educate the doctors and the team members to not order more than once a month you know fill in orders you know


we have quite a few companies where the shipping is free but if it's not you know when you're ordering too often


it can really cost you practice so if you can get it once a month it's great if the doctor is open to it you have


enough storage you get it to once a quarter if you had been doing it once a month you just cut off eight ordering cycles


of labor time and shipping cost yeah so quarterly is so simple um


another pearl that we share is if you don't have a ton of uh storage


space you don't have to really stock up on all the big items like gloves and wipes for


three months you can set those up on auto ship and you can set them so they just come


as you need them you can adjust it if you need to and so we did that with our gloves at one of the practices it was 23


chairs and three doctors and we that's what we did is we staged when the big stuff would come in so we've


never run out but it didn't take up all our storage and if you do set up futures


we have companies on the list that give you an extra five percent discount when you set it up that way i love that i


love that i've i've got a dog food company i've got two very very large dogs and there's nothing better than


knowing that i don't have to remember and i don't have to store all of those big bags of food either and i think it's


the same thing it's such a great idea and you know because i do a lot of startups and we'll talk about this a


little bit more in startups but you know we're trying to utilize our office you


know to the best of our ability and we just don't build tons and tons of room for storage anymore so i think that this


is fantastic that companies are willing to do that if you can just manage that a little bit i love that


yeah and i especially love the idea of getting to quarterly orderings i mean that's usually what i tell my docs is


don't have more than three months of inventory on hand and you know i i a


hundred percent agree with you enough we can use our non-doctor days and have a team member that's really got


this organized where they can sit down and spend an hour or two at most probably getting getting these orders in


place and ready to go and they don't have to really think about it again you know for the next quarter and just


imagine what that frees that team member up for the other things in the office you know maybe that allows them to be a


digital coordinator or some other things that we could be utilizing them for so i love that stocking the chairs you know


when each team member does it with their chair it doesn't take but a couple of minutes i mean literally they were done


in 10. and if all the chairs are stocked every week if you're on deck is stocked every


week if your storage doesn't go past the halfway point before it's time to reorder you're never


going to run out yeah and so you know by doing it that way and


you know constantly managing it that way that you know your system won't be


broken basically yeah i love it i love it it's such a good idea now and now i have had um i will tell you i've had a


an office where we had the um the hoarder assistant um


that loved to stock their drawer but um love to overstock their drawer um so you know


we do have to pay attention to that too in our offices and you know maybe every once in a while just kind of um you know


whoever is managing that clinic take a walk through and make sure that we don't have you know for the in case i run out of


five tubes of glue um incident but i i think i think that


that's just a really really great uh tip um that that people can really take away from that so so when we're looking at


this and we're saying okay you know we could order once a month maximum once a quarter


what does overhead look like like what you know as as a new newer doctor like you know what what does that look like


and and i'm gonna tell you docs out there your overhead may look different than the previous docs


overhead depending upon what you're doing and if you have you know really working to get a handle on your um your


ordering so what so what does that kind of look like to you mary you know how how would you talk to docs about that


well that the average orthodontist supply overhead and this is according to the research we did as well as chris


benson they run about a 10.9 percent supply cost


um and so what that means is if your production is a million dollars you're spending 100 000


on uh supplies if you for an example if you're running a 10


supply cost and you just cut it in half that's 50 000


and so it's not pocket change i tell the doctors this really adds up yes and a


lot of my members know that because we have a lot of members that run a three to four percent supply cost yeah after


they you know join us and so it is important you know i have one doctor in particular that he


actually orders one time a year and his supply cost is about three percent wow and you know he he has


saved so much money that he says basically the savings is going to put his kids through college


and i tell doctors you know if you save 20 or 30 or 50 000 a year on things that


are going to end up in the garbage can and put that in a 401k


and give it 30 years to cook you're going to have a nice retirement yeah and so


you know it isn't just top line it's bottom line too yeah exactly and i do want to you know just just make sure my


docs understand too that you know when we're looking at our profit and loss statements and we're looking at overhead


for lab we're not talking about your digital lab so we're not talking about if you're


doing um you know custom brackets or custom aligners you know not those lab


costs we're talking about your fixed costs that are coming in in your disposables and you know all of those


different things correct so i i love that i think that that's such a good number to be shooting for um but also to


understand that you know this is this is again i i like to call


it low-hanging fruit if we can get a team member that understands this if we can get a team that understands how


you know maybe paying attention to you know how many things we drop on the ground and how much you know we don't


rotate and you know or do rotate you know how often we order are we paying shipping are we not can really really um


make a difference to your your bottom line so now let's talk just a little bit about


so how do you manage how do you build an accurate ordering list um and you know


how do you do that with future growth in mind you know how how do docs kind of get a handle on this or


their ordering team members get a get a handle on this well i mean if your practice grows 10


percent you just raise the stock that you're ordering 10 to cover it


um i think as far as a list and putting it together if you're starting from scratch


what we did at the practice where i was is we got all the products you know so we were aware of everything


we have and then we just did it in google docs and we had a tab for each company that


goes a to z and then on the first tab for example if you were


going to buy from say amtouch because it's an a yeah then we would list the products alphabetically a to z with the


description that's that's easiest to find them that way and then put part number and then the


current price and then you just do that by company and so you have it all you


know in a nice place that anybody could go to because google as you know google docs anybody


could log in in the office and see somebody's out sick um we always had a backup person do the


you know ordering that knew how to jump in just in case the main person had a good idea if they were a good idea car


accident or got coveted or yeah having a baby you know that was my fear is some


of those people not being there and so we always cross trained and had a backup person yeah but i think if you do that


do it that way if you have it in google docs if you do decide that you know you want to or use ordering software some


offices want want to do it some don't but if you if you have it in google docs a lot of the companies can just upload


that data oh great well that's wonderful that's that's really really good to know


and i 100 agree with you um if you can have it digital i think that's great i mean i've been in this industry for over


30 years now i remember the spiral notebook and you know and or the recipe


card you know um you know you you'd alphabetize it you know a b c d pull out


your recipe card fill in you know when did you order when did you last order how much was the price you know so we've


really evolved a lot and and i think that as much as we can do digitally just


helps us and you know how wonderful is that if you do decide to move to some type of a platform where you can just


upload it versus having to have somebody manually put in all that information so


i love that so tell me a little bit about because i get this is probably one of the number one


questions i get asked is well hey jill what's the benefit of me joining a buyer's group versus just


buying directly from you know um this the sales guy that keeps um wanting to take me to lunch um he seems like a


really nice guy don't you think because he's nice i'm going to get a better um deal than than being in a a sales group


so um a buyer's group so tell me a little bit about that um you know what what do you think docs need to know


about that well um i know that there's a lot of good ordering people out there and they do


try to negotiate on their own and some of them are great shoppers but they just don't have the buying power to


get the deepest discounts um some of our members that have small practices have said it's actually


more important for them to be in a group like this because they don't get the bigger discounts that bigger practices


get yeah and so you know that's one of the things i think sometimes people will ask me is am i going to save enough


and when we go back and look after a year if you use the companies in our group


you're going to save there's just no way i mean i tell doctors it's almost like you have to play dodgeball now because


we have so many wonderful companies we vet the companies carefully we don't allow gray market on the list we


expect excellent service exclusive discounts and a lot of our discounts are exclusive to our group because i started


the company 10 years ago and we have those agreements in place so yeah that's great i think i think that's


that's wonderful and and i don't get asked this a lot but i but i do get asked it


what's the difference in an ortho exclusive group versus you know one of the um


gp groups out there um are are aren't docs going to get the same discounts


well the gp groups for one thing are going to have different products in different companies you know there's a lot of companies that


general dentists use that orthodontists don't use right and then there's a lot of companies that orthodontists use that


a general dentist wouldn't use and so since we focus on ortho and that's what we are as an ortho exclusive


group you know we try to think outside the box and look at everything an orthodontist


would need to run their practice you know to help it be more efficient


to you know be able to save and get quality products and so as we're looking at


adding companies as you know we have discounts with consultants like you yeah um you know smile suite we just recently


added them and you know we listen to the members as far as what companies they want at it and so you know we have


discounts on things like that most ordering platforms don't have those kinds of discounts on things like that


they just have product um and we you know we try to think of everything an orthodontist could


possibly need so for example a startup you know they have a break room they


need a refrigerator or a microwave or a dishwasher if they want a dishwasher and televisions we have discounts on all of


those things yeah and remember members that have actually built homes have said our prices and our


discounts on all those things actually be with their builders are able to that's that's that's wonderful and i


think you know this is a really good segue in into startups because i you


know knowing that you know i primarily focus on startups you know in the acquisitions but


you know this is you know your group is you know something that i talk about every single time with my startups


because i feel like there are such deep discounts that can be um


you know attained especially in our big ticket you know items and when we've got such tight budgets if we know that we


can go to one place and you know get these really deep discounts really what that does for us is that helps us have


more money for marketing which which is what we need to get those practices off the ground so let's let's


talk a little bit about startups because it is a totally different ballgame when


we think about you know that one doc coming in maybe with one employee maybe um and you know they're


saying hey i i need to get started with my ordering i need to know what to order i need to


kind of know how how to set this up um and then you know kind of from a cash flow standpoint you know how do how do i


protect my cash flow because that's you know anybody who's worked with me knows


you know it's all about the budget [Laughter] and you know we are we are just working


so hard just to stay within that budget and keep them safe so that they've got their working capital to only use in an


emergency as we're as we're moving through that year so let's let's let's kind of switch gears and talk about


startups um a little bit do you have any good pro tips for for any of my startup


docs out there or you know best best practices that green


newbie team members should put in place to assist with their ordering okay well


when a doctor calls us and they're a startup i generally ask them when they plan to open


and if they've signed their lease because leases do fall through and so once the lease is signed there's


a lot of planning and even if they're not ordering for two or three or four months


if something is back ordered you know they may need to get the order in sooner if they're trying to decide on x-ray


they have time to do their homework before they actually order it but then they also need you know to have the


walls up before it can be installed so it all plays in as far as timing but i


think that with startups you know if doctors don't overstock in the beginning


you know order what you need as far as instruments and you know pliers and


cassettes and things for sterilization you know all the things in the clinic you know but you don't need to order a


year's worth yeah out of the gate right right and you know and sometimes doctors


just don't know yet which bracket company they want to use so they may want to try a few before they place a big ground order yeah a lot of companies


you know will let them place the smaller like mini grad before they place their big one


um i do tell doctors that if they're gonna do a liners of course


they'll need a scanner if it's invisalign it has to be the eye tarot if it's another modality any


scanner they can order a lot of our doctors have ordered the medic because it can be used on anybody


and it doesn't have the monthly recurring and the tips can be uh sterilized up to 100 times per tip and


so plus it's less expensive and so a lot of doctors have looked at that and have ordered that in the beginning


we we try to guide them and do a coaching call because and then turn them over to you a lot of times if


they don't come from you but it's interesting because startups you know


it is more work you know for us to help with startup but we love doing it because if you


if you are with the practice in the beginning and you help them develop and then you grow


together you know they become a wonderful client that wonderful referral source and it's interesting because when code


happened i kind of panicked and i thought oh what's going to happen to my company you know when the offices were shut down


and what actually turned out to our benefit i think is doctors for the first time were glued to patients so they were


actually in our portal and seeing more of what we do yes and when coveted


happened i can't tell you how many of our members said you guys are awesome we haven't run out of anything you know we


never had to worry about getting you know level three masks or n95s or gloves you know we always were


able to keep them supplied and the other thing that i saw when coveted happened is the startups and i don't know if you


saw this or not jill they kind of went flat and now we're just so busy i think we're


waiting to open offices when the whole heyday of covet was going on well that and our banks stopped lending so you


know we uh we were doing the money dance around which bank which bank is handing


out money and you know running from one to the other um so i can tell you that's what happened is um you know everything


went um it got a little difficult um i i could i you know i was definitely


working hard to make sure that we we got we got funding for those startups but you're right everything is really uh


broken loose you know for sure and you know i i do want to just kind of circle back around to something you said you


know working with startups you know one of the things is it's so important that we do understand especially when we're


looking at design of an office and you know when we're signing that lease we're usually fairly far into


the design of the office and we're getting into mechanical engineered plans


and one of the big things that we need for our mechanical engineered plans is a lot of times the spec sheets for some of


the equipment that we're going to be ordering and i think that has been such a benefit um you know with a lot of the


companies on your list having again you know kind of one place that we can go to um because if i need to know all right


we're going to use you know the vatek machine from voxel and we're going to order our chairs from ross orthodontics


or we're going to do this or we're going to do that you know the companies are great to be able to give us our spec sheets even if


we aren't ready to place the order yet just to help facilitate that we keep moving forward with what we're doing and


what we need to do so that we don't miss our timelines to make sure that we can have that that practice um open on time


so i think i think that's just another benefit to having kind of this one area with a lot of options but also i think


you know speaking to the companies that are on the group just super helpful people that really do want to help


companies that are really out there to to help young doctors and existing doctors as


well so i think i think that that's um wonderful so again


kind of the same thing with acquisitions anything different we have to think about um when we think about


quantity and not overspending i know


like i have provided in the portal like for startups i actually have kind of an


overview of an ordering list of um you know items how many pliers should you be


ordering how many sets of different things you know i kind of have an overview of that but


do you have any any additional suggestions maybe on appropriate quantities and how how we don't


overspend you know even though we're excited to be opening up our practice um again that


money only goes so far right right well i mean you certainly want to have enough for your patient


flow and so as far as you know giving a number of how much to buy you can't really cookbook that


unless you know how many active patients the doctor has so you have to kind of gauge it off of


that and have a good enough amount so that as long as it takes for to go back into sterilization you have enough


coming back out and so you know the the levels are going to vary depending on


you know how many how many active patients you're seeing yeah and i tell me if you think this is a good


gauge i usually tell my startups you know again when we're first starting out order


enough to get your price break you know if you're looking at certain items but


you know if we think about it we're starting with one or two or three starts a month as we're getting going and you


know we're just not going to have a lot so don't don't overstock your shelves


you know you you've got plenty of time to do the ordering um you know so so do what you need to to get maybe the the


basic discounts that you need but um you know don't get caught up in oh my gosh


if i just order 10 you know cases of gloves i'm going to save fifteen hundred dollars well you


know you're gonna have those ten cases of gloves maybe for the next three i would put them on auto ship and get the


extra five percent discount yeah and then you pay as you go the thing about when you do it in auto ship


is you know you you get the price that day if it goes up or down the price may go


up or down but you'll still still get the extra discount and so you know like what you just said depending on the


quantity to get the discount an example is like eufridi they're you know


very often have a buy get free and so if you know if it's buy six pliers get two


free you wanna for sure do that you know to take advantage of that yeah yeah that's great and that gets us to what i


consider to be our minimum order that we want anyways for a startup so that's you know that's that that's beautiful


so um i know i'm going to circle back around a minute you said something about gray market um but i don't think i've


heard that before um yeah i know right you know it's amazing is that possible


tell me tell me what that means i i do hear daily people that have never heard of it


don't really know what it is and it really is in the last i'd say five years last just


couple years i'm seeing more and more of it and what it basically means is


it might be like an ordering platform where you go and you shop and you buy from a whole bunch of different companies


and as an example is say they sell cava wipes and i'm looking and i go to look at the


name of the company that they're coming from if they're not an authorized dealer of ker that means it's gray market


and so what that can mean and i've seen this several times is


if it's ordered off a platform and it's a gray market product and we had recently something we


investigated and we could tell by the lot number when we went back to the the dealers on


our list they had gone to the manufacturer the lot number was from 2009


expiration said 2022. interesting so i knew that couldn't have


come from a company on my list because that's basically what gray market is it could be counterfeit it could be expired


they change the date um and so that's why you want to be sure you're buying from authorized dealers


authorized distributors because you're you're putting your practice at risk right


and you know you may save a couple of pennies but it's not worth it and so we vet the companies very carefully


uh the three dealers for consumables on our list are amtouch pure life and darby and they're all authorized dealers


so our members know everything's been vetted for quality and safety right yeah that's great that's well


again i i didn't i didn't know what that meant so that's that's really some good information and and i'm sure it's kind


of the same thing as like oh i'm sure i can you know just go out on you know where wherever you know i i you


know this random site to to buy stuff and you know like anything maybe you're


getting the prada purse maybe you're not well and i think jill you know if it's


something like paper towels and uh tray covers and things like that you know you can save but if it's


something critical something you're using on the patients you know there was a a couple of years ago


a patient that actually had an adverse reaction from septicaine and


one of the companies on my list got a call from attorneys wow attorneys and they wanted to know if


the product had come from them we could tell because of the lot numbers that had not and it was a gray market company and


so yeah it's it's really important you know that you buy products that are quality and


that they're safe for your patients so yeah such such good good information


all right mary well we are going to wrap it up here this has just been


so wonderful i mean i've i just love working with you you're a great great friend of mine but also i just think


what you are bringing to our industry for our doctors especially for you know the group that i focus a lot on those


acquisitions those younger doctors those new team members um thank you thank you for just providing a really a really


great um platform for docs to go in and if they work it they're gonna save and i


think you know i think you've already shown us that you know it's low hanging fruit if we just pay attention to


how often we order you know i think our takeaways are make a list how often are you ordering and you know really where


where we need to be keeping our overhead at and and it is attainable to shoot for that three to five percent so i think i


think that that's wonderful i think one more thing jill i'm just gonna throw this in real quick um because this was


this is a big one and it's not really ordering but it's a company that saves our members this


this past week we just hit the two million mark in savings and what they do is they um


go in and they look at your credit card charges and then they negotiate to bring them down and somebody had posted about it in the


group this past week and somebody had said it's the easiest money i ever made and so there there's a lot of savings


there and so we you know we try to look at not just things you buy for your practice but things to help you promote


your practice you know consultants like you uh ordering systems


software office furniture things to help you get organized you know we really try to


encompass just about everything that everyone else is going to need so yeah i love that and and you are right that is


a huge pearl um you know i usually tell my docs they need to be re and especially once they get going they need


to be looking at their you know credit card charges you know at least every couple years because those companies


what they start you at i absolutely guarantee you you will not be at that and you if you're if you're really


scrutinizing it you're going to look back and go huh what's that charge didn't see that charge before you start


and they hide them i mean merchant cost consulting once once they did ours and we got it down to a reasonable rate


literally the next month they hit us with the ten dollar per swipe charge currently


i mean it's just it's it's amazing though you know what goes on behind the scenes and you know


we're not a typical group purchasing organization we don't take any part of the sale you know we don't take two


percent on up to 20 we don't take anything we don't charge companies to be on the list to advertise in our newsletter um


our philosophy is we're gonna tell you who we think is the best the best product best price save you


money but my trainers and all you know my whole team none of us are on commission


and the reason we don't do it that way is not only because the credibility but if we did it means the end price to the


doctor is going to be more because the companies still have to you know business make money and if there's a


middle person taking two to five or ten percent they can't discount as much yeah yeah that's great that's great and i


think i think that's that's great too to just you know totally uh put that out there too because i'm sure there are


people that ask that or have have wondered about that as well so i think i think that that's wonderful and i do


want to say one more thing too i think that's a real asset too is is the um the facebook group that you have you know


that's that's something that you know i can see is such a an asset too you know


people can get on there and ask questions and i know you and your team are great about answering things you


know right away or being like hey we're gonna have a deal coming up or um you know this that or the other and i think


sometimes it's nice to just know there's somebody out there that you can ask a question to


especially in this realm and you know get an answer that's an unbiased answer


which i think is also you know super helpful as as well because again like i said there's no kickback there's no you


know nothing that we're worrying about there also so thank you well we're going to finish


this up here we're going to spin this around a little bit and do something a little fun we're going to do


it the my heydoc speed round um so are you


ready to accept the challenge of the speed round


all right here we go favorite ice cream haagen-dazs coffee


oh me too girlfriend me too have you ever worn socks with sandals


oh no i'd be thrown out of texas if i did that


star wars or star trek star wars ah okay


is double dipping ever acceptable uh probably with my husband


[Laughter] you know texas was the first place i ever went to where they actually sat


down two separate um salsa bowls and i was like huh that's interesting so anyways um all


right do you wear a retainer every night uh no when my contacts start to open i'll put


it on i have a little bolt in discrepancy and so behind my cuspids


food starts getting stuck the retainer goes in how would you rate your karaoke skills


on a scale of one two beyonce ooh uh


six maybe hey tomatoes are they a fruit or a vegetable oh that's easy i'm a gardener it's a


fruit [Laughter] what show have you been watching lately


um i'm a big wheel of fortune fan i don't watch a lot of television though


i'll do that after the the day is over just that's the brain drain right yeah yeah and i'm a yellowstone fan i can't wait


for it to be back oh it's coming all right um what podcast or audio book


or music have you been listening to lately um oh wow i listen to a lot of music bruno


mars love him um yeah willie of course hi of course of course that's great and


then last one if you were to name one big hairy audacious goal you have for yourself for


your business in 2022 what's that um a big one for us is we're moving to a


new crm oh that is a big one yeah yeah andy helping us and emily are both


working on that right now and i have actually more than one we're going to gorp this year for the first time oh


that's wonderful that's wonderful well well congratulations on that that's great well again mary i just want to say


thank you so much for being a part of this hate docs episode i think you've given us just some great information i i


know um the doctors that are listening are really going to eat this up and have some pearls to take away so until next


time thank you very much thanks jill appreciate you